Travel Frog spurs huge leap in female mobile gamers

The number of Chinese female mobile phone gamers has risen sharply over the last year to 367 million, according to a report by Jiguang (in Chinese). Females now make up 34.6% of China’s gaming community, with the surprise hit Travel Frog boosting the numbers in recent months. The report examines the data behind women gamers […]


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Two huge platforms Jinri Toutiao and Weibo clash over video app Douyin

Two of China’s largest online platforms are publicly accusing each other of harming their interests. According to accusations, China’s Twitter-like social platform Weibo has been blocking Douyin, a popular short video app owned by Bytedance. Bytedance also operates the largest news aggregation platform in China Jinri Toutiao or Daily Headlines. The relationship between the two platforms […]

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China’s movie makers are leveraging iQiyi’s data to make the next blockbuster

“You have to become part of the online scene, you can’t retreat into your own thinking,” Santo Han, screenwriter on The Ferry Man Manjusaka, told TechNode. On that day alone his film made RMB 160,000 on iQiyi, ranking app Maoyan tells us. Access to audience data is transforming the film industry in China. Movies made […]

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