DiDi to suspend night Hitch, could audio record every single journey

DiDi has announced a range of measures to improve passenger safety, days after the ride hail platform suspended its intercity car-pooling service Hitch (顺风车) after the alleged murder of a passenger by her driver. As well as new features such as daily and per-trip facial recognition approval of drivers, Didi is consulting the public on […]


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Opinion: The China-US Thucydides Trap is about data as much as it is about trade

On April 13th, the BBC published an article and video by reporter Karishma Vaswani entitled China’s Uber has plans to take on the rest of the world. The brief piece centered around Vaswani’s interview with Cheng Wei—founder and CEO of Chinese ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing—and his global ambitions for the company he built. In keeping […]

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Didi thanks Meituan for its competition and draws attention to its ‘catastrophic risks’

Didi regional director Sun Shu has thanked Meituan for the competition it has brought to the ride-hailing market in a message on his WeChat moments (in Chinese), but his message is a vehicle for pointing out safety concerns of Meituan Dache’s new operations. Didi Chuxing has become the leader for ride-hailing across China with around 95% […]

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