Taking startups in the broader mobile industry to Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2018

As 5G commercialization ambition grows and Sino-US tensions remain uncertain, startups are also joining the industry. While Chinese startups find the competition fierce and the market situation fast-changing, international startups will encounter larger obstacles such as localization and efficient cooperation building. TechNode interviewed Mr. Pere Duran, the Event Director at 4YFN, a for-startup business platform which […]

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6 shifts in China’s internet sector from 2017 into 2018: report

China is the largest internet market in the world. Many of its homegrown internet companies are increasingly dominating the global tech scene—not only in terms of technology development but also in innovative business models. A newly released report by Jefferies, a US-based global investment banking firm, revealed some key highlights from 2017 and market forecast […]

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China’s top 1000 apps reveal latest trends in mobile

China’s mobile app industry was brewing in 2017, a new research from Jiguang Data released on Tuesday has shown (in Chinese). The report titled 2017 Mobile Internet Industry Inventory App List has brought insights into which of China’s top 1000 mobile apps caught users’ attention during this year. The list was compiled according to market […]

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