Taking startups in the broader mobile industry to Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2018

As 5G commercialization ambition grows and Sino-US tensions remain uncertain, startups are also joining the industry. While Chinese startups find the competition fierce and the market situation fast-changing, international startups will encounter larger obstacles such as localization and efficient cooperation building. TechNode interviewed Mr. Pere Duran, the Event Director at 4YFN, a for-startup business platform which […]

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Core technology and startups: What can we expect in the post-ZTE era?

In April, the US announced a 7-year ban on ZTE. This China’s leading communication player was found to have violated a ban on shipping US technology to Iran. The sanctions will bar ZTE from purchasing essential US components.  President Xi, summarizing lessons learned from the ZTE case, stressed the concept of “core technology” (in Chinese), referring to […]

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Here’s how Chinese VCs are adapting to the ever-changing startup scene

China presents a fascinating nation for tech entrepreneurs. The speed at which China’s technology grows and transforms is perhaps the most important aspect in defining what’s happening in the country’s startup industry: The Middle Kingdom is now the second largest arena for entrepreneurship with one startup is set up every seven minutes. To highlight the changes, […]

Here’s how Chinese VCs are adapting to the ever-changing startup scene originally appeared on TechNode

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