Look What Tencent Has to Lure Mobile App Developers

myapplogoTencent revamped its Android app store MyApp and relaunched it as its “Mobile Open Platform” in early this year. Previous to that Tencent didn’t move as fast as other major players in Android app distributors, 91 Wireless which has been acquired by Baidu, Wandoujia and Qihoo 360, but it seems it plans to move faster in this year.

Tencent will join our Feb 23rd (Sunday) event in Beijing to share details about its Mobile Open Platform. For more information or registration, please visit HERE.

User Base

QQ IM has more than 700 million monthly active users. Although it is expected that Tencent would never open up user’s social connections, it offers some other ways for developers to take advantage of the user base.

Social plugins allow users of third-party apps to interact with their contacts on Mobile QQ, WeChat or Mobile Q-zone. Apps also are able to introduce QQ Groups, one of the most popular services on QQ platform, that users can do group chat there.

MyApp is able to recommend apps to a user based on his/her download history or other behaviors.

Feichuan is an interesting service that apps will be pushed from MyApp on desktop and downloaded into a user’s smartphone so long as the user has logged into Mobile QQ or Mobile Q-zone — Only Tencent knows whether their users have logged into any of its services.

Development Tools/Services

MyApp offers SDKs for Tencent Maps, WeChat speech recognition, WeChat Official Accounts, among others. There are also Cloud services and mobile analytics services –Mobile Tencent Analytics (MTA),  and mobile advertising service for developers to opt-in.


Apart from revenue shares — MyApp takes 30% of the total, Tencent has built a mobile app advertising network on top of Guangdiantong (GDT), a self-service advertising system designed for Tencent’s social services such as Q-zone. With previous GDT, sponsored content can be displayed in services such as the timeline of Mobile Q-zone. Now the mobile ad network, like everyone else, creates in-app ads. So far Tencent doesn’t take any revenue from mobile advertising network.

Tenpay, a Alipay-like online payment solution which is also supporting WeChat payment and QQ Coin, the virtual currency system used for QQ services for years, are available for developers to collect money.

Even More…

Tencent plans to build ten working spaces for startups in ten Chinese tech cities, offering services from software test labs to financial consulting.

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